Sunday, December 18, 2011

Started getting ready to start the Joelanta Film Fest movie...

I messed around this week with a program called ISTOPMOTION in an attempt to see what putting together the coming years Joelanta Film will be like.  89 pictures later and this is what I got.  Just a short film with no sound as of yet.  Amazing how in the past year I have allowed my entire recording rig to get unplugged and spread out in the mess that is my Studio right now.  I will say though, if you try to use this program and or do stop motion with a DSLR Camera like I am, you will want to put the camera in Manual Focus after getting the focus right.  Also, if your camera allows, use a wireless shutter release.  This stops any motion on the camera and will give you a lot better looking film.  Additionally, I am thinking it will be a lot easier to record the audio first this time.  This is exactly the opposite from what Fran and I have done in the past.  We always just took the pictures with a minor plot and then just recorded audio and pieced it together.  Here is a link to last years film .   I guess the writing of the movie will have to begin as this film is going to take a lot longer then past ones.  I hope to have a much more detailed film by this time next week.  I will post what I have then.

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