Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Army of the Red Shadows

 For a few years now the Red Shadows and the whole Action Force series of figures has interested me. As I got closer to finishing my Collection of the essential GI Joe Figures I started branching out and picking up a few of the exclusive figures from other Countries.   I have acquired a small number of them over the years now.  The whole idea of another branch of GI Joe peaked my interest but a group that predated Cobra really interested me.  When the BLACK MAJOR started selling his custom figures on ebay I grabbed several of the Red Shadow ones to build a small army.  The the GIJOE Collectors Club did a set for one of the National Conventions and that gave be a nice sized army.   About a year ago I came across a link on www.bloodforthebaron.com and to order some custom Red Shadow Heads.  Well they came in today and I think they look pretty good.  I had him make them with a Matte Finish as I thought that would blend in a bit better.  As you can tell they are not 100% the same color but close enough that you would never tell when your army is sitting on a shelf.  I ordered the Skull stickers from www.cobrastickers.com and once again they provided extremely high quality stickers at a great price.  Maybe one day soon I will pull out all my Red Shadow figures to show my ever growing army.  Hope you enjoy.

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