Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Next Diorama: A Mountain Scene for my Daughters She-Ra Figures.

I finally got a chance to take a look at the size of the Eternia Diorama base that I want to make for my Daughter and myself.  I want her to have a dedicated place to play with all her He-Man and She-ra figures as well as I have for doing photo shots of different figures.  I figured that a nice mountain layout would work great as it will give me a lot of cool angles.  I will continue to post pictures up of how it goes.  I will try to be as detailed as possible so that this can be used as a tutorial of how to do one of these dioramas.  I am putting together my list of needed materials and will list everything up that is needed in a couple days. I do know that a couple cheap Christmas Reefs will be needed as that will create some great ground cover.  Probably have to spray paint this thing first.  Large and white is hard to cover, not to mention very expensive.  I usually just figure out what my base is going to be and spray paint it Brown.  Then any ground covering over that is easy as it doesn't completely cover it just looks like exposed dirt.  I'll update as I go.

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