Friday, February 17, 2012

So it looks like Mattel might have figured it out.....

     Well, my Star Sisters figures arrived to start off my first Sub with Mattycollector.  Needless to say it was a huge ordeal.  They cancelled my sub, kept trying to charge a card that was not on file with them anymore, and told me it was all my fault when I finally got someone to contact me.   As some of you will remember, they asked us to register on the mattycollector forum an then PM EvilSkeletor about our issues.  I did that, got one response from him, and never heard back from him again.  After sending another PM with no reply I called Digital River back and was finally able to get them to understand my problem.  And yes, they did try to get off the phone with me before settling my issues but I just kept telling the person on the other end to hold on a second.  Well that worked.  At least I believe so.  I have been charged for my Feb figures but I have yet to get confirmation on them shipping.  Lets see,  they said a 3 day delay and that was all.  Well If I am not mistaken its been 3 days.  I will be shocked if they ship this week at all.

     Oh, and to all you haters, the Star Sisters figures are not that bad at all.  And my 5 year old daughter loves them.

     Well until next time....

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