Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marvel Universe Apocalypse

About 5 years or so ago all I ever collected was the 3 3/4" GI Joe figures.  Then I noticed the 3rd or so wave of Marvel Legends Figures and started considering branching out into some other figures to collect.  I picked up a few here and there, mainly X-Men related figures as that was the most relevant Comic book that I have collected off and on over the years.  When the line moved over to Hasbro I pretty much got out of the line as the quality suffered a lot.  Ironically Hasbro is the Joe brand and that line was having Quality Control problems around then also.  So when The Marvel Universe Figures came out I was skeptical.  That and I had started leaning away from the New Articulation that was also on the GI Joe line.  But I picked up a few and have been collecting choice figures since.  Apocalypse is a pretty nice figure.  Using parts that I believe were also used for Hulk or Juggernaut, this figure stands taller then most in the line.  He has a lot of the movement of other figures in the line.  Even with his shoulder pads and the tubing coming out of his back, his articulation does not seem to be hampered by it at all.  Given his power to enlarge his size in the comics, I wish I had gotten the Marvel Legends  versions as I would be able to display him in more scenes.  I was not really a fan of Apocalypse back in the day but have learned to appreciate him over the years as I have started on and off again reading the comics.  In a line that seems to have more duds then winning figures, this one stands out.  The paint job is great.  Subtle shading is done very well.  Of the whole figure, I think the head is the only part that stands out as being painted a bit flat.  Overall I give this figure an 8/10.

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