Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MattyCollector.com and how not to do business.

A few years back Masters of the Universe Figures returned to the Market as an online exclusive at Mattel's web site mattycollector.com.  I was collecting very strongly the current GI Joe figures on the market and didn't choose at the time to split my finances between two different lines.  Well starting last year my daughter discovered He-Man and She-Ra on Netflix instant download and view and I went ahead and started getting some of the Figures.  At first only collecting the main characters that I had or that appeared on the show when I was a kid.  One of my best friends had been collecting the line since it appeared and loved the figures despite repeatably messing up his orders and bad customer Service or Bad Quality Control.  Well this year I decided to go ahead and get the subscription and therefore get every figure that came out this year.  A huge commitment as you are committed to about $550 bucks and at the time you sign up you have no idea what figures are coming out.   First week of January comes around and the credit card I have on file gets changed from a mastercard to a Visa.  No problem, I contact Mattel and they send me a link to change my info.  I change it that day.  2 1/2 weeks later I receive an email saying card problems.  As I received it on a Sunday I way until Monday to call.  I log onto my Computer this morning to get the phone number and notice a new email saying that my Subscription has been cancelled. I call about it and the customer (NO) service rep tells me that they are very sorry and that my account is in review and I will be contacted in 1, 2, or 72 hours.  Since I was not contacted in 1 or 2 hours I can only think that it will be 3 days before they get back to me.  In the meantime, after reading about everyone else problems, one of which had to go through this every single month last year because they could not figure out he had changed his card number first thing in the year, I am about convinced to just let them cancel my Sub.  Although I want the exclusive figure that you can only get with it,  I am sure that I will have several figures this year that I just don't really want and would be selling on FEEBAY anyways.   Mattel, it is really not very hard to take a customers money and give them a good product.  It comes out of a will to do a good job and hiring people that are actually happy to do there jobs.  I can only think that Mattel must be a pretty sad place to work because happy workers do good work.  And that includes putting together an ordering system that helps customers have a good experience with a purchase.

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